Frequently asked questions


I can’t find my ticket / confirmation email!

1. Where can I find my tickets?

You will receive a confirmation email from Capture Ticketing after you purchase your tickets.
This email will contain your order information and QR code. The QR code contains your whole
order. Any additional orders you make with that same email address will automatically be
added to the QR Code.

2. What do I do if I did not receive the confirmation email?

Make sure to check your spam and promotion folders for the email from Capture Ticketing. If
you do not see the email, create an account with Capture Ticketing using the same email you
used to purchase the tickets and your orders will automatically link.

3. What do I do if I lost my QR code and confirmation email?

Staff at the event will be able to look up your order, either by name or email and check you in
that way, so no worries!

General Information

1. Do autographs, photo op or fan packages include admission to the event? NO, admission is not
included. Tickets can be pre purchased or purchased at the door.

2. Can I bring a backpack or bag? Yes, but they are subject to being searched by security.

3. Can underage children accompany VIP pass holders?

To ensure VIP lines move quickly, all individuals with access to VIP lines and VIP early entry
MUST have a VIP PASS. This includes children. If you wish to not purchase the child a VIP PASS,
then another adult (with an admission ticket) will need to attend to monitor the child while
you utilize the VIP access.

4. Can underage children accompany fan package holders? Fan packages do not allow VIP access for guest meet and greet autograph lines therefore all guests (including children) can be in the
general admission line. Your fan package badge guarantees your admittance to the guest Q&A
panel however if the guest panel is listed as a ticketed event, then all members of your party
will need a Q&A ticket to attend the panel. A list of all ticketed Q&A panels will be listed on
the website.

5. Can underage children accompany me to a panel? If a panel is not a ticketed event, then yes,
the children can join you. If the panel is a ticketed event, each member of your party must
have a ticket, including children. A list of all ticketed Q&A panels will be listed on the website.
6. When will the schedule be posted so I can plan my experience? All flights for the guests must
be approved before a schedule can be made and posted. It is typically available 3-4 weeks
before the event. Schedule is subject to change without notice. However, we do attempt to
post about any last minute schedule changes to social media and make live announcements at
the event.

7. The guest I want to meet doesn’t have pricing on the website. Is it free? – No, all guests charge for autographs, photo ops and selfies.

8. When will the autograph, selfie and photo op pricing be available? Each guests pricing comes from their management, not assigned by Fanboy Expo. When their management sends pricing,
we then post it to the website under each guest. If no price is listed, then we have not received it yet so keep checking for updates on the website. It WILL be available at the event. It will be posted to each guest’s table or available at the info booth.


JULY 11TH. THERE WILL BE NO LOAD IN ON FRIDAY, July 12th, NO EXCEPTIONS. In years past, we have been able to allow some load in on Friday morning however with the expansion of the event and the usage of all 3 levels, we will not be allowing ANY load in on Friday, July 12th. You must be completely loaded in before we close up on Thursday night. (Load in times will be in the vendor load in letter)

2. How do I know if I was approved? Once a vendor has purchased a booth, their application is reviewed. If the application is rejected, a refund and a denial email is sent to the email on file. If you didn’t hear from us or receive a refund, then YOU WERE APPROVED!

3. When will I receive Load in Information? Vendor Load In information will be emailed to you 3-4 weeks before the event. It will be emailed to the email address that you used to register for the event.

4. Can I purchase extra vendor passes? Extra vendor passes can be purchased at the event or online for $55. Only 2 extra passes per single booth or artist table. Only 4 extra passes for 2 or more booths.

5. Can I bring my own table and chairs? Yes, you may bring your own table and chairs if you need additional ones. There may be a limited number of additional tables and chairs available for rent at the event. Those will be first come, first serve.

6. Does Fanboy Expo offer dollies/carts or volunteer help at load in/ load out? No. There are no dollies or carts. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN! No volunteer will be allowed to touch or move any vendors merchandise.

7. Do I need to have vendor insurance? Fanboy Expo highly recommends each vendor have
insurance. Fanboy Expo is held harmless from any damage, loss, theft, cost, liability, act of
god, terrorism or expense that arises.

8. It is your obligation to file sales tax on the monies you earn at our event and it is our obligation to inform you of that. Beyond providing you with the information needed (which is in your vendor letter) we can not help you with any tax related questions. Please reach out to the TN dept of Revenue for all your tax needs.


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