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Comic & Art Industry Pros!

The following Comic Industry Pros will be appearing at Fanboy Expo’s Totally Awesome Weekend. Most Comic Artists and Writers will generally sign autographs for FREE if it is on your own items, however some may charge. Most of them also have comic or other merchandise available for purchase. Sketches are also available, but prices vary depending on the artist and the artwork desired. SPECIAL ARTIST SIGNINGS WILL BE ANNOUNCED!


Roy Thomas was the first Editor-in-Chief of Marvel comics after Stan Lee. Roy is also responsible for well over 100 comic book creations including: Iron Fist, Defenders, Morbius, Red Sonja, Vision, Ultron, Nighthawk, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze). Roy also created the American version of Conan the Barbarian and was a co-creater in Wolverine. In addition, Roy was responsible for Marvel obtaining the rights and writing the Star Wars comic adaptation for Marvel comics. (Saturday and Sunday only)  Roy will sign your comics and your prints for FREE! (Roy will be taking donations for the Hero Initiative for all comics and autographs with a maximum of ten per person. If you have more than ten you will be asked to go to the end of the line for additional signatures and please donate again. You can repeat this process as many times as you would like.)



Dave Dorman is best known for his works in HEAVY METAL Magazine in addition to his works with almost every major comic company as well as numerous game, toy, and film companies. These include Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse comics, Hasbro Toys, 20th Century Fox, and LucasFilm. Dorman‘s relationship with Lucasfilm began 25 years ago with both of it’s famous properties, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He is the winner of both the Eisner award and the prestigious INK POT award, given for lifetime achievement in the comics and illustration field.

Tim Jacobus is best known for being the cover artist and illustrator for more than 100 of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. Tim is a rare treat on the convention circuit and will be signing autographs and doing sketches.

Tom Nguyen is best known for works for DC Comics including Green Lantern, Batman, Superman and JLA. He is currently working on The Switch as well as art for the popular television series Big Brother. (Tom is also the official Fanboy photographer. If you can’t find him, check at the photo op booth)


Guy Gilchrist has set his hand to such notable cartoons as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Tiny Toons, Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock,The Pink Panther, Minnie Mouse, and was instrumental in the creation of The Muppet Babies!

Mike Grell is a comic artist and his best known work is from Green Arrow, The Warlord and many more!

Sam De La Rosa  is best known for his art on books like Venom, Black Panther, Web of Spiderman, Return of the Jedi, Judge Dredd and many many more!

Thom Zahler is best known for his work with IDW’s My Little Pony comics and is well known for his romantic comics like Love and Capes and Long Distance. He’s also a writer for Disney XD and frequently contributes to Topps Star Wars card sets.


Timothy Zahn is a science fiction novelist best known for the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy, which began an explosion of Expanded Universe material. Zahn followed that up with The Hand of Thrawn Duology as well as contributing to many comic books, short stories and games. A truly great addition for Star Wars fans!


Cory Hamscher is best for his penciling and inking of titles like Gi-Joe, Deadpool Corps, Incredible Hulk, XMen 92, Ghost Rider, Avengers Academy and many more.

Scott West is best known for his cover art on the IDW comic mini- series Jericho: Season Three:Civil War as well as titles like Angel and numerous others. CHECK OUT HIS AMAZING EXCLUSIVE PRINT IN THE VIP PACKAGES!!!

Shawn Harbin is the creator/Artist/Writer of the on going series The Dungeon Comic, and the webcomic HeldBack, He has penciled on Holyoak, and the Shakespeare Shaken anthology from Red Stylo Press. CHECK OUT HIS AMAZING EXCLUSIVE PRINT IN THE VIP PACKAGES!!!

JASON FLOWERS is a Comic Book/ Sketch Card Artist from Atlanta, GA. His new graphic novel, A.A.I. WARS, will be published later this year by Caliber Comics. Other clients include, Upper Deck, Topps, Disney, Marvel, Twentieth Century Fox, Image Comics, Arcana Comics, and Black Thumb Press.

James Hance is the artist for Relentlessly Cheerful art. His unique mashups and highly detailed works of art and prints are are sought after by fans and collectors.

Adam Buttrey a TN native is a long-time illustrator and graphic designer with a passion to draw and a huge appreciation of anything comics / sci-fi related, Adam continues to bring characters* to life through digital media, marker, watercolor and pencil sketches.

Phil Hore is the Paleo-Author for Prehistoric Times and the Education Manager for Australia’s National Dinosaur Museum and one of the world’s leading experts. He’s also began writing novels with his first in 2016 and 3 more expected this year.

Tony Miello is the creator of the comic strip “GAPO the Clown” and has worked for many companies on licensed properties such as Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and LucasFilm.


These amazing artists will be inking people all weekend long! Be sure to stop by and get a tattoo and check out their amazing portfolios. FOR MORE ON INK FUSION EMPIRE CLICK HERE!



*Please note all guest are subject to change without notice.

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JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2018