Celebrity Guests will usually be at their designated booths at the start of the show or within the hour. Most Celebs will stay as long as there is a crowd willing to meet them. Many of them will leave their table for a break or for a short time during the show. Exceptions to this will be noted on the celebrity appearance page.

The Below schedule is for Special Events, Photo Opps and Question and Answer Sessions with guests: 

FRIDAY – June 24

9:30am              Ticket Sales Open                                   Concourse

11:30am             Doors Open VIP Only                           Hall A

12:00pm             Doors Open General Public                   Hall A

1:15pm               The Outsiders Q&A with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

2:00                    The Outsiders Professional Photo Op with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

2:00                    Dawn Wells Q&A

2:45                    Dawn Wells Professional Photo Op

2:45                    Barbara Eden Q&A

3:30                    Barbara Eden Professional Photo Op

3:30                    Nichelle Nichols Q&A

4:00-5:30           William Shatner Signing Autographs

4:30                    Nichelle Nichols Professional Photo Op

4:30                    Verne Troyer Q&A

5:15                    Verne Troyer Professional Photo Op

5:15                    Jeremy Howard Q&A

5:30-6                William Shatner Friday Photo Ops

5:50                   Arti Shah Q&A

6:00-7               William Shatner signing autographs

6:30                  Star Wars The Force Awakens Special Screening (VIPS Only)

7:00pm              Show Floor Closes

9:30               “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Shadowcast by Knoxville Transit Beams

SATURDAY – June 25

8:00am            Ticket Sales Open                                            Concourse

9:30am            Doors Open VIP Only                                      Hall a

10:00am           Doors Open General Public                           Hall a

10:15                 Micky Dolenz Q&A

11:00                 Dean Cain Q&A

11:00                 William Shatner Photo Op session

11:45 -2:00       William Shatner Signing Autographs

11:45                 Dukes of Hazzard Q&A

11:45                 Dean Cain professional photo ops

12:30                Billy Dee Williams Q&A

12:30                Dukes of Hazzard Professional Photo Op

1:15                   Lea Thompson Q&A

1:15                   Billy Dee Williams Professional Photo Op

1:45                  Lea Thompson Professional Photo Op

2:00                  Aaron Stanford Q&A

2:45                 Aaron Stanford Professional Photo op

2:50                 William Shatner Q&A

3:05                Micky Dolenz Professional Photo Op

3:50                Ric Flair Q&A

4:00               William Shatner Photo Ops

4:30-5:30     William Shatner Signing Autographs

4:50               Costume Constes

5:00              Ric Flair Professional Photo Ops

6:00pm             Show Floor Closes                                              Hall a

8:30pm        Knoxville Comic Con Saturday Night Party (Open To The Public on the Concourse)

8:45               Eric Stuart Band Performs

9:30              Fanboy Expo Staff band performs

9:30              Las Vegas Aerialist perform




SUNDAY – June 26

10:00am            Ticket Sales Open                                                           Concourse

10:30am           Doors Open VIP Only                                                       Hall a

11:00am           Doors Open General Public                                              Hall a

11:00am          Coolwaters Productions celebrity Game Show

with Linda Larkin, Corey Dee Williams, Jeremy Howard and Billy Dee Williams

1:00pm            Harry Potter fan Panel

1:30                 Linda Larkin Q&A

2:15                  Sam Jones Q &A


5:00pm            Show Floor Closes                                                              Hall a

*Schedule Subject to change without notice.