Celebrity Guests will usually be at their designated booths at the start of the show or within the hour. Most Celebs will stay as long as there is a crowd willing to meet them. Many of them will leave their table for a break or for a short time during the show. Exceptions to this will be noted on the celebrity appearance page.

The Below schedule is for Special Events, Photo Opps and Question and Answer Sessions with guests: 

FRIDAY – June 23, 2017

10:30am ticket sales open

11:30am VIP pass holders entrance

12:00pm floor opens

2:00pm Tony Dow panel

2:45pm CHIPS panel

3:30pm GI-Joe panel

3:35pm CHIPS photo op

4:00 Friday Star Trek Photo op

4:15pm NSYNC panel

5:00pm Loni Anderson Panel

5:05 NSYNC photo op

5:40 Loni Anderson photo op

7:00 show floor closes

7:30 Dressed to Kill concert

9:00-10:15 Gene Simmons Double and Triple platinum meet

SATURDAY – June 24, 2017

8:00am ticket booth opens

9:30am VIP entrance

10:00am floor opens

10:00am Princess sing along

10:35am He-Man panel

10:45am Kevin Sorbo Photo Op

11:15am Kevin Sorbo panel

11:15am Sting Photo op

11:45-2:15 Sting autograph signing

12:00pm NSync Photo Opp

12:05pm Gene Simmons Panel

12:25pm Indiana Jones Photo Opp

12:55pm Spencer Wilding Panel

1:00pm-3:35pm Gene Simmons autographs and photo op signing

1:45pm Karate Kid/Outsiders photo op

1:45pm Star Trek panel

2:25 Star Trek photo op

2:30 Doug Jones panel

3:15pm Power Rangers panel

4:05pm Power Rangers photo op

4:10pm Costume Contest

4:15pm Adrian Paul Panel

4:35pm Spencer Wilding Photo op

5:00pm Karate Kid/Outsiders panel

6:00pm show floor closes

6:30pm Adrian Paul Sword Experience

7:00pm The Space Between screening

9:00pm Fanboy after party

9:30pm JiggaWatts perform

SUNDAY – June 25, 2017

9:00am Fanboy worship service

10:00am ticket sales open

10:30am VIP open

11:00am floor opens

12:05 Margaret Kerry panel

12:45 Knoxville Akido Dojo Demo

1:15 Paul Blake Panel

5:00pm show floor closes

*Schedule Subject to change without notice.


FRIDAY 2:30- princess tea party and prince sword battle (interactive area)

SATURDAY 10:00AM- Princess sing along (Fanboy Theater)

SATURDAY 10:45AM- princess tea party and prince sword battle (interactive area)

SUNDAY 12:30PM- princess tea party and prince sword battle (interactive area)