Comic Guests

Comic Artists will generally sign autographs for FREE if it is on your own items. Most of them also have comic or other merchandise available for purchase. Sketches are also available, but prices vary depending on the artist and the artwork desired. SPECIAL ARTIST SIGNINGS WILL BE ANNOUNCED!


Arthur Suydam is an Award winning celebrity artist for The Walking  Dead, Marvel Zombies, Deadpool , Batman and more. The Zombie King will be doing FREE SKETCHES! For all fans ages-16  and  under accompanied by an adult. Sketching begins Sunday at 11:00 AM until closing  time. (Limited to the first 200 fans!)


Howard Mackie is an editor and writer that has worked almost exclusively for Marvel Comics on some of the most popular titles including The Amazing Spider-man, X-Men, Ghost Rider and many more!


Michael Golden is comic book artist and writer best known for his late-1970s work on Marvel Comics’ The Micronauts, as well as his co-creation of the characters Rogue (X-Men) and Bucky O’Hare. His work has also been featured in Batman, GI Joe, Superman: Man of Steel, Avengers, Daredevil, X-Men and many more.


Mike Grell is best know for his work on Green Arrow and most recently Arrow. He is also well known for his work on The Warlord, Green Lantern, Batman, Aquaman, X-Men Forever, James Bond and Star Trek & Legion of the Super Heroes.


James O’Barr is a comic artist who is best known for being the creator of the popular comic and Hollywood movie franchise series The Crow.


Eric Basaldua aka Ebas is a comic book artist working exclusively for Top Cow Productions and has worked on titles such as Tomb Raider, Grimm Fairy Tales, Witchblade and more.

Tom Nguyen‘s work has been with DC Comics on various popular titles such as The New 52′s Green Lantern, Batman, JLA, Superman: The Man of Steel, Blackest Night, Ghostbusters: The Other Side and Brightest Day among others.  Currently, he is promoting his instructional book, “Incredible Comic Book Women With Tom Nguyen.


Tom Feister was recently a character designer for Bento Box on the Seth Meyers Hulu original series  The Awesomes. He is also best known for his work as a GI Joe cover artist as well as his work on Terminator/Robocop. Newline Cinema’s House of Horror and Witchblade.


Scott West is best known for his cover art on the IDW comic mini- series Jericho: Season Three:Civil War as well as titles like Angel and numerous others.


Shawn Harbin is the creator/Artist/Writer of the on going series The Dungeon Comic, and the webcomic HeldBack, He has penciled on Holyoak, and the Shakespeare Shaken anthology from Red Stylo Press.


Stephen J. Semones is best know for his work on The Wraith. He has been in the entertainment industry for over seventeen years as an independent filmmaker, but have recently semi-retired to writing fiction novels. After my retirement, I became a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author with my book on independent film-making, Beyond the Lens.


Renee Witterstaetter is a Writer, editor, producer and publisher that began the comic phase of her career working on such titles as Superman at DC Comics and Silver Surfer, Conan The Barbarian and Conan Saga at Marvel, then going on to spearhead the reintroduction of She-Hulk at Marvel to boot. She is also the co-creator of Jackie Chan’s SpartanX with Michael Golden.




*Please note all guest are subject to change without notice.