Dealer Terms & Conditions

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A. Booth Space

1. Fanboy Expo will provide a 10’x10’ pipe and draped space with two (2)exhibitor badges, one (1) 8’ tables and two (2) chairs with each booth
2. Dealer Badges are only to be used by staff running the booth or working the event, the sale or distribution of these badges is prohibited.
3. All additional equipment and furnishings are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. You may provide your own furnishings or rent them from the decorator.
4. Electrical and phone services can be ordered through the Knoxville Convention Center.
5. Fanboy Expo reserves the right to change booth locations at the promoters discretion. (We will make every attempt to put you in the spot you want)
6. Please keep in mind that some of the large islands may be split into smaller booths.
7. Renting, Selling or Subletting booth space is strictly prohibited.

B. Payment for Space

1. Exhibitor understands the payment policy and agrees to pay as per the terms of the application.
2. There will be a $30.00 fee for checks returned unpaid.
3. Fanboy Expo requires a 50% deposit to hold a booth until the payment deadline of  April 30, 2014.

C. Merchandise for Sale

1. Exhibitor agrees that all merchandise for sale is legal and licensed.
2. Exhibitors selling unlicensed or bootleg merchandise, may be ejected from the convention with no refund of booth space.

D. Taxes and Licenses

1. Exhibitor shall obtain any licenses, permits, identification numbers, or approvals under federal, state or local law applicable to its activities at the event at its sole expense including the Tennessee State 9.75% sales tax.

Vendor/Artist certifies that A) all items are in compliance with all state and local laws, regulations, statutes and rules. B) Legal right has been obtained to sell all merchandise being sold. C) Vendor/Artist shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the convention and any officers/organizers and employees from claims in any way related to violations of this agreement or any other.

E. Damages & Losses

1. Promoter will provide on-site security. However Exhibitor accepts full responsibility for any damages to your booth or merchandise for any reason. Promoter is not responsible for any loss.

F. Cancellation

1. If Exhibitor cancels, funds may be used at the next calendar show only. Promoter will not given refunds for cancellation.
2. Promoter agrees to refund all booth fees within 15 days if the event is cancelled for any reason.


By signing agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by both the terms and conditions set on this application. I acknowledge that failure to abide by the rules may result in the loss of my Exhibitor privileges without recourse or refund. By agreeing to exhibit at Fanboy Expo, the exhibitor agrees to protect, keep and save Fanboy Expo and the Knoxville Convention Center forever harmless from any damage, loss, theft, cost, liability, act of god, terrorism or expense that arises from their exhibiting at this show. This agreement covers full setup, run of the show and teardown.

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