How do I get in to Fanboy?

In order to enter the show floor for Fanboy at both the Knoxville Convention Center and World’s Fair, you must have a wristband, for that day. When you first arrive at Fanboy you will exchange your pre-purchased ticket at the admissions booths located in Knoxville Convention Center. Your ticket should have a barcode that you will exchange for a wristband to get in. You may also purchase it at the event in the Sales line, however, pre-purchasing is recommended.

Can I purchase my admission at the show?

Yes. You can purchase with cash or credit at the admission booth located at the Knoxville Convention Center. Pre-purchasing your ticket is recommended.

Is there a discount for military?


Applicable for daily and weekend passes.


What if I don’t have my ticket?

Having your ticket will get you through easier to get your wristband. If you do not have your ticket on your phone or printed, you will need to provide proof of purchase and it will need to be confirmed. Having your ticket will make thigs go easier – so please have it ready when you come. Registration emails are not accepted for admission.

Can I get my wristbands early?

YES! Come Thursday July 11th from 4pm – 7:30pm to get your wristband early! Come ready with your ticket to get your wristband so you can be ready to walk in the first day of Fanyboy! YOU CAN ALSO PICK UP YOUR PRE-PURCHASED FAN PACKAGES AND AUTOGRAPH TICKETS on Thursday as well.

Do I get onto the show floor early?

Early access to the show floor is available to our Gold and Super VIP’s as well as our Premium Weekend ticket holders only. Early access times are as follows: 4:30pm on Friday, 9:30am on Saturday, 10:30am on Sunday.

If I have a weekend pass, do I need to keep the wristband on all weekend?

Yes. Your wristband is your way to get into the show – keep it on and keep it visible. Torn or ripped wristbands will not be admitted.

Will there be security?

Yes. We want to keep Fanboy safe and fun for everyone. We will have security checkpoints at both Knoxville Convention Center and World’s Fair, before entering the building. Any blades for signing purposes will need to be covered and stored per security regulations. Authentic weaponry is not permitted for cosplay. For any questions please contact or refer to Convention Center Security. All admittance is at manager discretion.

Can I use credit card for my purchases at Fanboy or should I bring cash?

Cash is recommended for autograph, photo-ops, other purchases during the show. We will be accepting credit cards for admission. ATM’s will be available, but are not guaranteed.

How can I find the celebrity or guest I am looking for?

We will have maps available, as well as a Celebrity Line-Up Wall located on Level 2 of Knoxville Convention Center, we will do our best to update this wall with locations and times. You can also follow up on Facebook for updates as we are able.

Can I bring food from the food trucks into the World’s Fair or Knoxville Convention Center?

Outside food and drink is not allowed per the center’s rules. We will have covered seating areas for guests to eat near the lawn. There will be some indoor options as well for food purchases.

When will the celebrity I want to see be at their table?

Check the schedule page on the Fanboy website for special signing and appearance times. We try our best to follow the posted times, however they are subject to change. Celebrities should be at their booth all weekend (with the exception of rest breaks) unless otherwise noted. Due to the nature of this event, we have to work with the celebrity’s schedule.

Am I able to visit a celebrity table, even if I am not buying anything?

Each celebrity has their own rules, please refer to the table and their manager. Celebrities with limited signing times will be open for those who have, or are going to be purchasing.

What is available at the Celebrity’s booth?

Each celebrity has different options, we recommend checking in with their table to see what options they have.




I purchased a photo-op through Wolf Photography, do I need to pick up a photo-op ticket at fan package pick-up?

No. If you purchased directly from Wolf Photography, you need to take your printed or mobile ticket straight to the photo-op booth, located in the World’s Fair show floor at any time during show hours. For the best information, please visit Wolf Photography’s FAQ’s page here:


What if I purchased a Fan Package that includes a photo-op, how do I redeem it?

Please visit our Fan Package pick-up booth located on level 2 of the Knoxville Convention Center. Have your printed or mobile ticket ready to redeem. You will receive a photo-op ticket in your package that can be redeemed at the photo-op booth. You may use this photo-op ticket at any scheduled photo-op time, unless otherwise noted, and at the discretion of Wolf Photography.


I noticed the Photo-Op Sessions are 15 minutes long – will that be enough time to get through everyone? Will I lose my photo-op if I don’t get in during that 15 minutes?

Wolf Photography excels in this area, and move quickly through the sessions, they also have contingencies in place to account for overflow to get everyone through, as long as they are on time for the photo-op session. For more information please visit their FAQ’s page:


When is my photo-op?

We are excited to have Wolf Photography Studio running our photo-ops this year, please refer to the posted schedule. For questions concerning which photo-op you can attend please contact Wolf Photography or visit the photo-op booth, located in the World’s Fair show floor.


What if I miss my scheduled photo-op?

Photo-ops are non-refundable, except in the event of celebrity cancellations. Missed photo-ops will not be refunded. For all photo-ops purchased through Wolf Photography, you will need to work with them at the photo-op booth to see if you can attend another time, or if they have other options. If you purchased your photo-op as a part of a Fanboy Fan Package, you may visit the Fan Package Pick-up booth to see if there are other options, although it is not guaranteed. It is in your best interest to know the photo-op schedule, and be there 15 min before the photo-op time so you do not miss it.



I purchased a Fan Package online, where do I redeem it?

Bring your ticket with barcode (mobile or printed) to the Fan Package Pick Up booth located on level 2 of the Knoxville Convention Center. You may exchange your ticket there for your package, which will include the contents as listed on the website for your package.


I forgot to purchase a Fan Package before sales closed online, will I be able to purchase a Fan Package at the show?

No. Fan Packages are for pre-purchase only. You may still purchase autographs at the celebrity’s table during the show, as available. Cash or Credit may be used depending on the table and the celebrity. Cash is recommended. Photo-ops may be purchased, CASH ONLY, at the photo-op booth from Wolf Photography.


What if I miss a photo-op or a signing time for autographs?

Photo-ops, Autographs, and Fan Packages are non-refundable, unless in the event of Celebrity cancellation. Please refer to the Fanboy and Wolf Photography Schedule, so as not to miss celebrity signing times and photo-ops. For Fan Packages purchase through Fanboy, you may visit the Fan Package Pick Up booth located on level 2 of the Knoxville Convention Center for issues concerning your fan package.


As a VIP pass holder what sort of line access do I have?

Our VIP’s have line access to certain celebrities on the show floor. There will be a separate line posted where available. VIP line access has been limited to our Gold VIP and Super VIP guests and are limited in number this year, in comparison to previous years. This is to help keep our VIP lines down. At the celebrity booths, we will call VIP’s every other guest. VIP’s can also use the priority line to pick up their Fan Packages, if they pre-purchased online.