Hi Fanboys and Fangirls,

First and foremost we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of the Fanboy Expo events; especially during these challenging times. We have been diligently communicating with hotels, convention centers, city officials and celebrity agents. We have decided to be as pro-active as we possibly can and move both upcoming Fanboy Expo events to later dates. This decision, we believe, is not only the safest and most secure for you the attendee, but also our celebrity guests. Fanboy tends to have a guest list that would fit into the high risk category. We want to give plenty of time for doctors and scientist to find a cure or vaccine so that our celebrity guests can feel safe and confident meeting fans. We apologize ahead of time if this presents any inconvenience for anyone who was planning on the original dates or currently has tickets. Our intention is to provide as safe of an environment as possible for everyone involved.

Fanboy Expo Knoxville – POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 25-27, 2021
Fanboy Expo Orlando – POSTPONED UNTIL AUGUST 20-22, 2021

All tickets and Vendor spots will be transferred to new dates. Once you receive the new email with the new ticket link. That will be your new ticket. Vendor spots will be transferred over to new dates with the type of spots given. Fan Packages and Photo Ops will be transferred over as guest are transferred over to the new dates. If a guest can not make new dates, fan packages and photo ops for that guest will be automatically refunded.

We will do our best to transfer as many celebrity guests and artists as possible to the new dates. With that said, its likely that we will lose some guests to either scheduling or guests that can not travel because of the virus. In the event of a cancellation, every fan package and photo op is refunded. In the event you are an attendee with a ticket or a vendor or artist with a spot and you can NOT make the new dates, We will offer you a ticket or a spot at a future Fanboy Expo at your current pricing. In the event that you must have refund for your ticket or spot, we will be handling that on a case by case basis. A refund form will be added to the website as soon as we get detailed updates from guests and agents for those who must have a refund on their ticket or vendor spot.

PLEASE BE PATIENT DURING THIS PROCESS. We appreciate your help with this and ask that you only request a refund if you absolutely can not make the new dates or can not make a future date. A large amount of refunds will not only hinder the process but can also make it much more difficult to proceed with future events. We are a small operation and rely on pre-sales to fund event operations including payments for for event centers, guest deposits, purchase advertising and travel and much more. In addition, please re-frame from trying to process a refund through your credit card company or paypal, this will only slow the process down further to allow us to make sure that the ticketing process is correctly handled for those who need refunds as well as those that are still attending. 

We are committed to bringing you great events and providing you with a fun and safe environment. These decisions were not made lightly! We hope everyone follows us into the future for some great Late Summer/Fall Fanboy Events.


Thank You,
Email: david@fanboyexpo.com