2018 Cosplay Contest

Rules & FAQ

(For more information please message us on Facebook or email info@fanboyexpo.com)


  1. 1. The contest will be in one stage. There will be no Pre-Judging for the costume contest.  All judging will take place on the catwalk while you are showing your costume off to the public.  Winners will be announced immediately following the costume contest.
  2. 2. All judges will be celebrity or guest judges in order to ensure a fair score. A staff member or volunteer will act as a judge in the event that a celebrity or guest judge cannot be found.
  3. 3. The contest will be organized and run by Fanboy Expo Staff members and volunteers, and judged by guests or celebrities. Staff members have NO CONTROL over who wins.
  4. 4. All competitors will be judged on quality and craftsmanship of their costume, as well as how much they are in character
  5. 5.WEAPONS POLICY: All weapons (besides staves) must be non-functioning, and rules are as follows:
    Airsoft, or other guns: All guns must have neon orange tape or paint applied to the ends of the barrel, unloaded clips (or no clips!), and must be submitted for weapons check if asked. If weapons are holstered, you may be stopped and asked to inspect them. This is NON NEGOTIABLE.
    Whips: Must be carried looped at all times when there are people around. there will be NO Whip-Cracking allowed, especially not around people.
    Swords: Must be in sheath, and peace tied. Please do not allow children to swing swords in groups of people.
    Staves, spears, lightsabers, axes, anything else. etc: please exercise EXTREME caution in carrying these weapons. IF possible please ensure that spear points are not made of anything overly stabby – foam is preferred.
    Silly String: Please do NOT BRING SILLY STRING. Period. Ever. It makes a giant mess.
  6. 6. Our categories for the competition are as follows:

Children: This category is for kids 12 and under.  All costumes are welcome; store-bought, handmade, and everything in between.

Groups: This category is for groups of two or more.  All costume are welcome, however preference in judging will be given to handmade costumes.

Comic Book/Anime: This category is for costumes in the comic book or anime genre.  All costumes are welcome, however preference in judging will be given to handmade costumes.

TV/Movie/Video Games: This category is for costumes that fall into the genre of television, movie or video game.  All costumes are welcome, however preference in judging will be given to handmade costumes.

Judge’s Choice: This category is reserved for an entry that the judges feel exceed expectations in one way or another.  Judges will have sole discretion as to the criteria for the awarding of this category.

  1. 7. Winning and Advancing in competition – If your costume falls into more than one category, you should pick the category your costume version best fits. Each category will have one (1) winner with the exception of the group. The group prize will be shared by the group.
  2. 8. Prizes will be announced as they are confirmed by Fanboy Expo Staff.


Register at the event.  Registration closes 1 hour prior to the contest.

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